BELLEVUE - The Yellow House

A temporary structure erected over the municipal autobahn is offering new perspectives of Linz.

One of the most recent large-scale modifications to the traffic infrastructure in Linz was the enclosure of the municipal autobahn traversing the Bindermichl and Spallerhof districts. Since 2005 tunnels have been confining the flow of traffic, enabling nearby residents to look out upon the greenery of the newly created landscaped park. Amidst this constructed idyllic scene a temporary structure is being erected: BELLEVUE – Beautiful View, a house at the rim of the Mühlkreis autobahn. To the one side a view of the never-resting autobahn emerges, on the other a sweeping view of the park. Reflecting the proportions of the surrounding residential buildings, the monochrome yellow structure embodies a protective shell for the functions it harbors, housing quarters for guest artists, an info kiosk, a cafeteria with terrace, bicycle rental, working space, exhibition space, a media room, a library, and a public stage.

Carrying on as usual? Contemporary everyday phenomena debated publicly.

Daily events turn BELLEVUE into a hub of artistic interaction that invites residents, passersby, and other interested parties to see, communicate, and act—a stage that is routing and changing perspectives on the existent. Conventions are detected and endued with explorative questions, with the answers following in the form of interventions and actions. A temporary landmark that facilitates both the spectacular and the commonplace. Residents, scholars, and artists have come together to develop projects and to explore the culture and the features of the neighboring districts. Everyday phenomena in the Bindermichl and Spallerhof districts of Linz are thematized and reflected upon—and this in a diversified way: through producing, documenting, cooking, dancing, gardening, writing, listening, and watching. BELLEVUE is transformed into a collective experience that links history with the present and culture with everyday life.

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